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Are You Ready to Help Your Employees Thrive?

Or Are You Ready to Help Them Out?
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Do You Have A Disengaged Workforce?

Do you have poor performers in your business?


Would you like to find a way to help them succeed?


Are your employees feeling demotivated? Have they lost their passion for the job due to changes in their lives or work environment?

Is your Human Resources department having to juggle the job of managing staff or even managing them out?

Do You Need Our Help?

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The True Cost of Poor Performance

Disengaged employees can have a huge impact on your business and your bottom line if the problem is not resolved in a way that suits both the business and the employee.

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Demotivating Others

Unhappy employees talk negatively in the workplace, projecting their perspective onto otherwise happy workers.

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The cost of using line managers to manage poor performance detracts from their day jobs and contribution to the business.

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Unhappy employees could badmouth the company, management, product or service. This could affect your public reputation with stakeholders and potential employees.

What Everyone Else is Doing

What Will A Life Coach Do?


Conducted remotely over 6 x 1 hour sessions, a Life Coach will ask the employee powerful questions and use a range of models and techniques in conjunction with Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).


The core objective is to facilitate change of mindset and behaviour, to create a win win solution for both the employer and employee.

What Results to Expect

Internal Issue

We will coach your employee and help them to find a resolution to their problem

Employee Wants to Leave

We will coach your employee and help them to find a fulfilling solution, allowing you to hire a more engaged employee.

External Issue

We will coach them to find a solution to their external problem.

You will have an employee who is happy at home and comes to work happy.

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